More to love, Friday fun times

Posted on 13 May 2011

Despite my best efforts, the twice to thrice weekly posts just haven’t been happening. I think I need more structure in my life. Thus, the beginning of the More to Love series! Just a few quick bits of internet fun that haveĀ  passed my way this week. Here’s hoping it becomes a habit!

first-aid-kit-cutiesThe lovely ladies of First Aid Kit. Gorgeous harmonies + simple songs = LOVE

cloud-atlas-cover-artThree cheers for giving a book another try! Couldn’t get into it and it sat on the shelf for a year or two. Currently being devoured and loved. Not sure about the blockbuster movie version set to drop next year, but happy for Mitchell that people love his work.

apt-therapyHome projects, especially those that are visually appealing (as opposed to, say, cleaning gutters and dog poop). My favorites so far of ours include fancy wallpaper and the soon to be installed George Nelson pendant in the dining room! Also obsessed with this, even though the contest ended before I had a chance to vote.

st-johns-bizarre-2011My annual neighborhood street fair! Live music! Weird parade! $1 microbews! It’s the first of hopefully many summer street fairs I will attend this year. Though it’s gorgeous today, it’s supposed to be in the 50s and raining all &$(*&! weekend. Portland springs are painful seasons of longing and small glimmers of hope.


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  • teresa says:

    ooooh, you got a nelson light? which one????

  • JOHN says:

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